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Beginner's Guide to Buddhist Meditation:
Practices for Mindful Living

Christina Feldman
ISBN 1-930485-13-1 | $14.95
paperback | 96 pages
5" x 8"
40 color photos, 40 charts
About the Book
Meditation is an invitation to walk the path of mindfulness. Through its practices, you will discover a sense of deep well-being and inner richness that can transform every aspect of your life.

But where do you start? Most important, you already have everything you need to take the first steps on this path - your body, your mind, your heart, and the willingness to explore what it means to live with wholeheartedness and sensitivity.

Next you have Christina Feldman's Beginner's Guide to Buddhist Meditation. She offers a comprehensive primer not only to getting started but to keep going. She begins with the basics:
  • when to meditate
  • creating a meditation space
  • what to wear
  • how to sit or lie (including advice on chairs and beds)
  • acknowledging waxing and waning interest
  • sustaining dedication and perseverance.
A long-time practitioner and teacher, she draws on her experience in the book's guided meditations:
  • mindfulness of breathing
  • counting and naming
  • agitation and acceptance
  • frustration and patience
  • visualization
  • dullness and alertness
  • restlessness and calm
  • listening
  • the body
  • fear, aversion, and resistance
  • pain and fear
  • being intimate with the mind
Finally, you will learn to turn your attention to your everyday life.
  • walking
  • eating
  • creating simplicity
  • listening
  • speaking
  • and more
So open the book. Take a chance. What do you have to lose? On the contrary, you will learn to place your deepest longings and aspirations for peace, stillness, and transformation at the center of your life.
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