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How to Find Inner Peace in a Busy World

Christina Feldman
ISBN 1-930485-03-4 | $19.95
paperback | 256 pages
7 1/2" x 9 1/4"
230+ color photos
About the Book
Silence: It is a precious commodity that even the most successful of us may not have. As we work to ensure our status in the world, it is easy to forget that we are not merely physical creatures. The state of our spiritual health can be easily tested. Sit in silence for ten minutes. When the noise of the world dies away and we are left with ourselves, we get a pretty clear indication of the true extent of our inner peace.
In Silence, author Christina Feldman charts a four-part course to accessing and sustaining this nurturing state—even in the midst of our busy lives. She writes, "We can learn to find it in all moments and all things; we discover that it has never been lost only hidden.
Beginning with "First Encounters," she defines silence and how it is not just the absence of audible noise. Moving on to "The Way," she teaches us how to create sanctuaries of stillness throughout the day. Even those with no experience of meditation can follow her lead. Next, she discusses "The Fruits of Silence," such as self-knowledge, inner peace, inner strength, and new perspectives. Finally, she explores "Maintaining the Silence Within." Here we uncover vital capacities that we may have know even existed.
With over 230 color photographs and a striking contemporary design, Silence is intended to be a calming book to look at, to read, and—most important—to use.
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