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Christina Feldman
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Retreats with Christina Feldman
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About the Author
Christina Feldman has been training in the Tibetan, Mahayana, and Theravada Buddhist traditions since 1970, and has been teaching meditation throughout the world since 1974. She is the cofounder and a guiding teacher at Gaia House, a Buddhist meditation center in Devon, England, and is a guiding senior dharma teacher at the Insight Meditation Center in Barre, Massachusetts. She coteaches "Women in Meditation," an annual retreat at the Spirit Rock Meditation Center, in Woodacre, California.
Christina Feldman is the author of these Rodmell Press titles:
Silence (2003)
Woman Awake (2005)
Compassion (2005)
Beginner's Guide to Buddhist Meditation (2006)
Christina Feldman resides in Devon, England.
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