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Writing Yoga
Writing Yoga:
A Guide to Keeping a Practice Journal

Bruce Black

ISBN-13: 978-1-930485-28-0
$14.95 | paperback + e-book
176 pages | 6" X 9"
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Review: "Under [Bruce] Black's watchful eye, your journal becomes another useful prop for your yoga practice," writes Constance Molleda, in Yoga International (Spring 2012)

Review: "[Bruce Black's] observations and journal excerpts are disarmingly honest and vulnerable without being uncomfortable to read. And it's this unadorned openness that gets you to lay down your skepticism, get out your mat, and fill up a page or two," says Kristin Sutter, in The Writer (October 2011)

Review: ". . . grab a copy and let Black be your guide as you explore what beautiful, complex emotions you can uncover through writing about your yoga practice," writes blogger Erica Rodefer on Spoiled Yogi (August 2011)

Review: "This is a gentle, thoughtful guide to exploring your internal world through writing and yoga postures. If you are a writer and/or yoga student, this is a must read. It's also a beautifully written account of Bruce's own writing/yoga/personal journey. There are treasures here for anyone who opens this book," writes Anne Mazer, coauthor of Spilling Ink, in the Gimme Coffee blog (August 2011)

Review: "Bruce Black draws on his own experiences and offers much wisdom and advice for those settling into yoga in their own way. Writing Yoga is a must for any practitioner who wants a record of their ritual."
Midwest Book Review (July 2011)

Yoga Journal: Bruce Black's Writing Yoga is #1 on the "Summer Book List for Yogis" (July 2011)

Excerpt: Read a piece from Writing Yoga in Tiferet Journal (June 2011, digital edition, pp. 6-7)

Review: " . . . not only a helpful guide for yoga practitioners, but also a wonderful walk through Bruce Black's own yoga journey. This little gem of a book gives readers a step-by-step map to creating a yoga practice journal," writes yoga teacher and blogger Nancy Alder on (June 2011)

Review: "After a hiatus of many years, I'm now looking at yoga in a new light. Now it's more quiet and personal . . . Writing Yoga reflects and complements my new journey," writes Tami Brady, TCM Reviews (June 2011)

Review: "To help you honor the journey as well as the goal, silence your inner critical voice, and appreciate life's gifts," says book doctor and writing coach Deborah Brodie about Writing Yoga (May 2011)

Review: Writer, illustrator, and lyricist Anita Riggio reflects on fear, gardening, challah — and Bruce Black's Writing Yoga (May 2011)

Interview: "Living on the Frontiers of Your Own Voice" — In this poignant interview (with wonderful photos) on the Shivers Up the Spine blog, Bruce Black shares how keeping a practice journal and his devotion to Anusara Yoga led to writing a book that delves into the nexus of yoga, writing, and life. (May 2011)

Review: "It's a really encouraging read about journaling, yoga as transformation, and, in general, how writing can help you face your fears," says blogger Jennifer Iserloh on Skinny Chef (April 2011)

Review: "Writing Yoga incorporates two of my favorite activities: yoga and journal writing. . . . I have felt totally inspired, not to mention enthused, about some of the suggestions that I read in Writing Yoga . . .," says Tina Avon, in the Bookshipper blog (April 2011)

Giveaway: "Start Your Journal with Writing Yoga," on YogaDork, April 4, 2011. (Note: This giveaway offer expires on April 10, 2011).

Review: "Bruce's words about journaling have changed how I view a journal, and may just have given me permission to try a yoga/tai chi journal myself," observes Kelly Ramsdell Fineman, on Writing and Ruminating (March 2011)

Review: "Writing Yoga has earned a place by my studio reading chair. It is a great resource for anyone struggling to hear their own voice in a very noisy world," says Michelle Edwards, author of A Knitter's Home Companion, on her blog (March 2011)

Review: "A lovely, insightful book packed with valuable nuggets useful to writers, practitioners of yoga, and anyone who lives life (i.e., everyone)," writes Barbara O'Connor, author of The Fantastic Secret of Owen Jester, in a review on the Greetings from Nowhere blog (March 2011)

Review: Writing Yoga guides readers to write – and notice, in The Jewish News of Sarasota-Manatee (March 2011)

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